Friday, August 24, 2012

The Writer's Declaration of Independence

If you didn't see it last Sunday, I strongly suggest that you read Joe Konrath's Declaration of Independence for Writers. It's below the bit about Melinda DuChamp's commentary.

The signers of the original Declaration of Independence knew they were essentially signing their death warrants if the Original Thirteen Colonies had lost their war of independance against Great Britain. The penalty for treason back in the 1700's was death by torture, specifically the traitor was hung (with no drop to break the neck but to slowly suffocate) before his gentials were cut off, and then his entrails removed and burned followed by other organs. Finally, he would have been decapitated, drawn and quartered before the body parts were put on public display.

For the folks who think they'll piss off the traditional publishers by self-publishing, what are you really worried about? Seriously?

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