Monday, September 10, 2012

Writing Full-time

I officially left the Day Job on August 31st. Last week was my first full week treating my writing career as a full-time job. Yes, I know last Monday was Labor Day here in the U.S. But my goal is to write every day, and since this is now my main source of income, that mean 'butt in chair' to produce.

I'm not saying everything is magical, songbirds land on my palm and mice create the most beautiful ballgowns for me. (Actually you can keep the mice. There's been a confirmed case of hanta virus in the Houston Metro area.) But the first week has been fulfilling in ways I didn't expect.

Minuses first
1) You need discipline to keep the family from bugging you. Since I'm home, DH (who works from home), GK (who's homeschooled) and even the Wonder Dog seem to think I should be able for their needs 24/7. The growly voice ususally works. If it doesn't, there's the Death Glare. No one wants the Death Glare.

2) You need a dedicated space where you can close the door, or at least put up the dog gate. Working in the kitchen or living room does not help at all with Minuses #1.

1) My goal was 10K words per week, or 2K average words per day. I surprised myself how easy it was to meet. (I'm not saying they were good words. *grin*) In fact, I did 3500 words one day so I could meet with a good friend the next.

2) I have a little more flexibility with my schedule. The friend in Pluses #1 was someone I hadn't seen in three years. She was in town for one day only before she moved to Indonesia. If I'd been working at the Day Job, I would have missed the opportunity to see her.

3) I'm a hell of a lot more pleasant to be around. Both DH and GK came up to me on two different nights while I was cooking dinner, hugged me and said I was more relaxed than they'd seen me in a long time. I think NOT working three jobs has more to do with that.

4) I'm not so fried that I don't have the energy to exercise. And since I'm the only one who will walk the Wonder Dog, he is ecstatic now.

5) I'm eating better and in smaller amounts. First of all, I love to cook. We haven't picked up fast food last week, other than the boys ordered pizza the night I met my friend for coffee. We're going out Thursday because it is DH's birthday. And I'm a class A-1 stress eater, so no stress equals no binging.

So, overall, this seems to be working. Ask me again in six months. *grin*


  1. I'm happy for you--and won't ask again in six months because I'm confident writing full-time will work out for you. Yay!

  2. Thanks, Pat! As for the six months thing, I don't know what's going to happen at the rate things are changing in the publishing universe. I'm keeping my fingers on the keyboard though!

  3. Suzan: I meant to post the below on this post, but last night I was catching up and accidentally posted it on a different one.

    Either way, Happy Writing:

    Meant to Post Here:

    I've been away from blogging for a bit but happy to stumble upon this post tonight.

    Congrats on making this HUGE and very fun move with your writing and life.

    Here's to filling those pages.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  4. No problem, Ivy. I knew what you meant. *grin*

  5. Hey, congrats! Sounds like things are going great. :D

    Angie, catching up on blog posts

  6. LOL Ah, Angie. Things were good until the massive family room re-do project last week and this week. We're still trying to get the concrete level enough to lay down the wood.

  7. LOL! Well, yeah, I could see that throwing a spanner in the schedule. :)


  8. The leveler put us behind a couple of days. That stuff takes fourteen hours to dry! But we're on the downhill slide!