Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yet Another Way for Writer Paranoia to Manifest

Amazon, aka "The Evil Empire" in some circles, has tapped into yet another way to cause writers anxiety and sleepless night. They now have added Amazon Author Rank to our Author Central pages.

Like we're not freaked out enough by our book rankings?

I do understand that it's in beta stage, but I think it definitely needs some work. Why? Because in the e-mail they sent me last night, "Suzan Harden" was ranked #1102 in the category of Erotica.

WTF? Suzan writes hot, humorous paranormal/urban fantasy. Okay, maybe the Seasons of Magick series slides a little into erotica, but really? Zombie Confidential has been in the top 100 of the Women Sleuths - Free catagory for a while now. To me, that ranking makes much more sense than Erotica.

Alter Ego definitely writes erotica, but when I checked her Author Central account, her Author Rank was not activated. It'll be interesting to see where she ends up.

Anybody else gotten oddball rankings from Amazon's beta Author Rank system yet?


  1. All I can say about it is this, Suzan: 'Richard Castle' is outselling me.... and he is NOT EVEN REAL.

  2. All you have to do, Will, is to find someone as hot as Nathan Fillion to pretend to be you.