Friday, December 14, 2012

The Publishing Gold Rush Is Digging Up Lead

Writers refuse to learn basic business principles. Publishing companies refuse to learn basic business principles. And we wonder why the publishing industry is in such bad shape.

I've complained about Simon & Schuster teaming up with vanity press Author Solutions (which, by the way, is owned by Penguin).

This week, Kris Rusch vented her own frustration at writers refusing to take responsibility for their careers.

Now, yet another small publisher may be in the process of going the way of Triskelion (I don't even want to go there), Dorchester Publishing (extensive chronicling by Brian Keene) and Aspen Mountain Press (Samantha Combs's report of the efforts to save the company).

Now, it appears Silver Publishing sinking rapidly. A publisher paying late is never a good sign. When the publisher starts throwing around legal threats and writers are holding a fundraiser for the publisher, things are bad. There's been several flame wars over the matter already, and it'll probably get worse before Silver finally succumbs. The Erotic Romance Blog catalogs some of what's going on.

Unfortunately, where there's smoke, something burning hot usually lies underneath. The fingerpointing and spinning is too much like the other defunct publishers I mention above to not take this seriously.

If you're a writer wanting to contract with a publisher, for the love of Murphy, CHECK THEM OUT before signing the contract!


  1. I thought of blogging about Silver, then decided it wasn't worth the headache. :P I'm glad you did, though. I can't believe there are still people supporting them. To the extent of doing a fundraiser antho?? WTF? "So, we'll give them a free book, hoping that they'll make enough money that they'll be able to pay us the money they owe on our previous books!" [headdesk] If you're feeling that altruistic, just sign over all rights to your previous book and be done with it. :/

    And of course, the people who are treating their business like a business are being flamed to a crisp for their disloyalty. Because it's all about loyalty and has nothing to do with business or being able to fulfill your contractual obligations.

    Angie, headdesking

  2. And another one. [sigh]

    Angie, still catching up with RSS entries but getting close

  3. Angie, I told you before that you need to stop the headdesking thing. *grin*

    The whole Mystic/Phoenix drama sounds way too familiar. I try to point to writers to educational blog like Kris's and Dean's, but in the end, no one can help someone who doesn't want to be helped.