Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why the Kitchen Sink Is Important

SFF Author Scott Lynch wrote a scathing retort to a reader who complained about Scott's heroine in Red Seas under Red Skies being a black, middle-aged woman.

As I read it, I wanted to scream, "Hell to the yeah!"

I want to read about variety. I want to write about variety. I want to share with my son that variety exists in this world.

One time, another writer read one of my Bloodlines books. Her primary complaint was that I threw in every race and religion as well as the kitchen sink. Most of my characters are vampires. They reflect the culture and religion of the time they were born.

I simply stared at her and said, "You expect me to take that criticism seriously?"

"It will confuse people," she replied.

"So your personal life is confusing to you?"


I leaned back and folded my arms. "Your mom's Mexican. Your dad's American. And you're married to a Chinese guy."

"Never mind."


  1. Yes! I saw that on... Hathor? I forget, but yeah, that's awesome.

    And the idea that having people of different ethnicities would CONFUSE the readers...? o_O Umm, if that's true then you need a better class of reader, seriously. :P


  2. It was all I could do not to laugh when this writer made her statement.

    Overall, my real readers are pretty smart cookies. The notes I've gotten from actual paying readers have all been super-sweet. The worst review I got so far was a three-star, and the lady had some valid criticisms so I couldn't get my panties in a wad.