Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Kickstarter Project That Needs to Be Seen

I've followed SFF author Jay Lake for some time. I think it was Tobias Buckell who first recommended his books. But it wasn't just his writing that intrigued me. Both DH and I are regular readers of his blog because in some ways, his journey mirrors ours.

DH is a cancer survivor. I won't get into the awful details here and now. It's not important. What is important is Jay's struggle with the same disease. A disease that a year ago everyone thought Jay had licked.

Last June, Waterloo Productions started a documentary, following Jay for a year as a cancer survivor. Then the bad news came. The cancer was back with a vengence. Three new tumors had appeared. Jay's third round of chemo started last fall with a plan for surgery on January 22. Last week, a PET scan in preparation for the surgery showed a fourth tumor.

The odds of Jay survivng to see his daughter Bronwyn graduate from high school is down to 8%. She's a freshman.

The folks of Waterloo met with Jay to make some hard decisions. They decided to continue the project even though in all likelihood, Waterloo may be filming Jay's death. The decision to continue comes with literal costs. Waterloo has overrun its original budget.

This is a movie that needs to be seen. A story that needs to be heard. Too many people die silently, in agony, from cancer every day. People need to understand the human cost of this horrible disease.

So I'm asking you to please donate to Waterloo Productions' Lakeside, even if it's just a dollar. Here's some preliminary film from the project. Please understand, there is some NSFW language.


  1. My mom is a cancer survivor as well.

  2. There's a lot more of us out there than we realize, Ivy. I've found no one wants to talk about it, which is sad and really doesn't help anybody in the long run.

    How's your mom now?