Friday, January 25, 2013

A Very Special Friday Movie Mania

GK and I attended a special advance screening of Warm Bodies last night.

The rough concept is Romeo and Juliet. But then so is Underworld. The difference here being the film makers turn R+J into a slick mix between apocalyptic horror and teen romance comedy with a happy ending.

There's no big suprises for me, though I give Nicholas Hoult high marks for making R. a very sympathetic character. Everyone in the theater laughed at the right parts. GK pronounced it "pretty good" and "we should take Dad to see it when it comes out," which for a preteen is high praise.

Even though Warm Bodies is rated PG-13, an f-bomb gets dropped close to the climax. That kind of stuff doesn't bother me; GK's heard me say worse and fined me for it. But just a warning in case you're ultra-sensitive (which means you probably shouldn't be reading my blog either).

Overall, Warm Bodies makes for a good date movie. It hits general release on February 1.

The sneak peek on YouTube is literally the first four minutes of the movie, minus the titles and special effects that flash back to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy!


  1. I'm totally not into romantic zombies, but we saw the trailer for this when we went to the movies a few days ago, and it actually looked like fun. I think the fact that R gets progressively un-zombiefied as the movie goes on is what did it for me. [wry smile]


  2. Nothing like a good zombie romance to really kick off the month of February.

    PS: I'm nearly done working at the pizza shoppe. WooFrickin'hoo.

  3. As weird as the premise sounds, the movie works. It's a nice little afternoon matinee type where you go with you hubby to have coffee afterward and discuss the subtleties. They gave the the movie a little more of a happy ending than the book has because, well, it's Hollywood. But then ending doesn't feel as disjointed from the rest of the movie because the central theme is HOPE.

  4. The part that always makes me laugh in the preview is when he whispers, "Play Dead!" to her and she goes into a minor convulsion; then he whispers, "Toooo.......much!" Makes me laugh every time...:)

  5. Will, you and Donna definitely need to go see it next weekend. It's definitely up your alley in the humor department.