Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Angry Sheep Won't Publish Your Book

Over the last couple of months, several searches for "Angry Sheep Publishing" have shown up on my stats. One thing I've learned over the decades I've been writing is that most readers don't give a shit who the publisher is.

Unless you're Harlequin. Or Marvel Comics. But that's another can of wax for another day.

How many of you read Carrie Vaughn's Kitty the Werewolf series? Did you notice when she went from Grand Central to Tor? Did you notice when Christie Craig went from Dorchester to Grand Central? What about when Janet Evanovich left St. Martin's for Random House?

Now, if you did know about any of these switches, how many of you are writers? C'mon, raise your hands.

You see, writers are the only ones who give a crap about the publishers. (Publishers don't want to believe this, but again, that's a can of wax of another day.)

So what does that have to do with Angry Sheep?

I figure some noobie writer is trying to research small publishing houses in the vain hope of attracting a contract. Why do I think this? Because my readers only care when the next book is coming out. (If you happen to be one of my readers, I swear to Selket I'm working on it!)

Which brings me to my point. Folks, if you're one of the people searching the interwebz for Angry Sheep Publishing, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're not getting a contract, an advance or anything else from Angry Sheep.

Me choosing your book will not make you a real writer. Any other publisher choosing your book will not make you a real writer. The only thing that makes you a real writer is hauling your ass of of bed, plunking it down in front of your keyboard and typing until you hit "The End."


  1. Very true on all points, including the fact that the publishers don't want to hear it. :)


  2. Yeah, but Angie, some of the writers don't want to hear it either. [shakes head]

    DH and I have talked about expanding the publishing business, but that probably won't be until he retires. Assuming he can in this crazy-ass economy.