Monday, February 4, 2013

Whistle Creek

My friend Savannah Rose has a special deal with her first novel Whistle Creek at Enter code BX44M at check-out and it's FREE!

If you love romance, small towns, and good old-fashioned family drama, then this is definitley a novel you want to check out.

Journalist Rose Langston travels back to her home town of Whistle Creek to rebuild her life following her divorce. She’s been hurt, betrayed, and belittled but nothing can prepare her for what she’s about to discover when she enters the gates of the L & M Ranch.

Tyler Monroe left Whistle Creek when Rose’s dad threatened his reputation the night of her graduation. But problems arise with Rose’s brother Todd when he inherits the L & M Ranch, and Tyler returns to his roots to help out the brother he never had but always wanted.

Can Rose and Tyler accept that they still have feelings for each other, or will their past pain rip them apart again?

For more information, check-out Savannah Rose's blog.


  1. Thank you, Suzan. I hope everyone who downloads their FREE copy will enjoy the town of Whistle Creek as much as I enjoyed creating it.