Monday, April 29, 2013

Something to Brighten Your Monday Morning

It's Monday morning, and the first thing I do is scan the internet news. I don't watch TV news anymore. I swear the Houston stations lead off with dead baby stories EVERY FREAKIN' MORNING.

So I searched for a positive news story. Anything.

Allegedly, twenty members of Westboro Baptist Church were arrested by the West police when they tried to picket the funeral of the fire chief who died in the explosion two weeks ago. If you've ever dealt with small town Texas law enforcement, it's an easy story to believe. Maybe WBC believed the other stories about Texans love for their guns because they didn't show up in West.

Then I saw a story about new Peeps flavors being introduced this summer: Bubblegum and Lemonade. A portion of the sales will go to cancer research. Okay, a little more positive, but let's face it, the press release is glorified marketing. (It doesn't mean I won't try the lemonade ones!)

Finally, out of Georgia came the report that students from Wilcox County said, "NO!" to adults' continued efforts to segregate them. Even though segregation officially ended in 1964, parents raised private funds to hold two separate proms for the last fifty years. This year, the kids raised their own funds to hold their own integrated prom. Word got out through Facebook, and donations came from as far away as Austrailia. The kids' fundraising was so successful that they donated the excess funds to charity.

Damn, I want to adopt them all. Anyone who says kids today have no ethics or morals had better be wearing a sturdy athletic cup around me.


  1. Hmm, I'm not sure I approve of flavored peeps. It is already perfect in their simplicity.

  2. Just to warn you, Tim: the chocolate ones suck!

  3. twenty members of Westboro Baptist Church were arrested

    That's great news right there. :D

    But yeah, those kids fighting to hold their integrated prom are awesome. [waves pompoms for them]


  4. I was hoping the story about Westboro was true, but I did some checking, and it wasn't. However, 220 members of both the Texas A&M Maroon Wall and the Red Wall Against Westboro showed up at the funerals just in case WBC showed their faces.

    WBC really needs to reconsider their service to Christ. How bad are you when cops and Hell's Angels are standing arm-in-arm to prevent you from harassing grieving families?

  5. As I was reading this I thought of Tim and didn't even know he already commented.

  6. LOL Whisk, if I see specialty Peeps, I'll send some to Tim. The Peeps would survive the eighty-degree temps in Houston's mail. Your Andes would die a melty death.

    1. I still have your book to send. We need to live closer. That would be cool.

  7. LOL I wish all my friends lived in one place. It would make visiting easier, and I'm sure you would all love each other. But y'all are literally scattered all over the world!