Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Movie Mania - Iron Man 3

It took us three tries, but we finally made it to see Iron Man 3 last night.

We went to one of our local theaters for the three p.m. show on Saturday. Between GK's soccer game and DH being the league's district cordinator, we were late leaving the field and arrived five minutes before showtime. Sold out.

After a family conference, we decided to hit another theater that serves real food for the 6:15 Sunday show. We know from previous experiences that the supper shows on Sunday are virtually deserted while school's in session. We arrrived at 5:45. Sold out.

There were still seats available for the show at eight even though it was well on its way to selling out too. We bought our tickets and ran errands at Target before returning to the theater.

So what about the movie? There's a reason it blew out records and raked in nearly $700 million since its world-wide release.

*** SPOILERS ***

1) Pepper kicks ASS!

2) The plot holds an excellent commentary on our current "security theater" in much the same way last year's Bond movie, Skyfall, did, but without the flowery Dame Judi speech. Don Cheadle did so much more with a couple of disgusted one-liners.

3) The not-so-subtle mockery of the politically correct change in War Machine's codename to Iron Patriot. WARMACHINEROX

4) Sir Ben Kingsley should get two supporting actor Oscars for "The Mandarin". If you haven't seen the movie yet, I don't want to spoil any more for you.

5) As the kid sidekick, Ty Simpkins gets major points for keeping up with RDJ's rapid-fire line delivery.

6) You HAVE to stay through the end of credits! BEST CAMEO EVER! I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

7) Did I say Pepper kicks ASS?

1) There should have been more Rhodey, and it should have been better. Rhodey was used more as comic relief than as Tony's mirror as was done in Iron Man 1 and 2. If RDJ is serious about leaving the role of Stark (and it's not just a negotiating ploy), I want, no, I demand that Don Cheadle is in the next Avengers movie!

2) I wanted to see what the writers and directors would do with the Mandarin's rings constructed from alien technology. I thought that it would tie into The Avengers in that he stumbled across/stole Chitauri debris from the battle in New York. As a fangirl, the lack of rings was a slight disappointment.

Overall, I give Iron Man 3 a 9 out of 10.


  1. [glaring]

    I'm not going to get to see this for at least a week. :/ I'm in Oregon (today we learned to make InDesign templates, yay!) and even if it were showing around here (I honestly don't know whether it is or not) we don't have time to go. Later.

    I will be very sad if RDJ leavesw the role. :( Although if they did it with a large nod to canon -- having him sink into alcoholism and Rhodey take over for a while -- that'd be awesome enough that I wouldn't have anti-social fantasies about the people involved in making that decision. Then he could come back after a couple of movies, yay!

    Also yay on Pepper kicking ass. :D Definitely looking forward to seeing this.


  2. Angie, now that Disney owns Marvel, they won't touch the alcoholism issue with a ten-foot pole. Favreau danced around it in IM2, but with the new management, forget it. But yeah, if RDJ leaves, they'd better stick with Cheadle as Rhodey/Iron Man and not recast Stark. (Nothing against Terrence Howard, but Don does a better job with the character, even as limited as he was in IM3.)

    With all the problems we had getting tickets (seriously NEVER had this much trouble on this end of Houston), you might be better off waiting a week anyway. LOL

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing this. Unfortunately, given all the things going on this summer we'll probably have to wait until it hits DVD.

    RDJ is awesome as Tony Stark/Iron Man I hope he doesn't leave. Thanks for the peek. :-)