Sunday, May 19, 2013

TV Shows I've Been Watching Lately

I'm not a big fan of Gordon Ramsey, mainly because he yells a lot. But I don't deny that the man knows his business, and if you're calling him for help, then maybe you should listen to him. Not only did the folks on this episode not listen to him, they created their own social media nightmare after the episode aired.

Publicity tip, kids: Don't ever, EVER blast your critics on Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter. Even better, don't engage them all at the same time! It never ends well.

P.S. This is the ONE episode of Kitchen Nightmares I've ever watched all the way through.


  1. Oh, seriously. My husband linked me to this one. There's an interview up with the waitress they fired, too, and a buttload of commentary.

    These people are idiots. I have no idea how they've stayed in business this long, nor do I know why they called Ramsey, when they clearly weren't interested in listening to his advice. Maybe they thought he'd come in and say, "Wow, this is an awesome restaurant and you're wonderful people! I would change nothing!" and that they'd just get more business from the publicity...? :P


  2. I love Ramsey. He yells a lot because he really cares about this stuff. He's a multi millionaire and he still cares if a bowl is dirty or there are raw onions in a soup.

    Ivy and I watched this one. Wow. Sammy boy could have served some jail time for what he did in the beginning. And the woman, I would suggest a cocktail of heavy medications and one of those nice white jackets that buckle in the back.

  3. @Angie - I'm sure Amy thought Ramsay would praise her to heaven. And he did give her kudos for the things she was doing right.

    @Tim - Ramsay's lack of yelling was the reason I stuck through the whole episode. His emotions went from incredulous that Sammy would blatently break the law to sadness and resignation when Amy refused to listen to him. These aren't attitudes Ramsay normally displays on one of his programs.

    I'm no doctor, but yes, Amy definitely needs medical help. I grew up with a parent who has borderline personality disorder, and Amy shows classic symptoms. Unfortunately, two of the major problems with BPD is that the person displays narcissistic ("Im always right.") and paranoid ("Everyone's out to get me.") traits which means she will never seek help on her own.

  4. I am a huge Ramsey fan - if you ever get a chance to watch the UK Kitchen Nightmares - all the way back to the start, it's totally worth it.

    He does the talking instead of an announcer and it's not all the yelling that American TV shows.

    Seriously, the guy cares about raw onions in soup and dirty bowls. And he gets excited about really good apples in a country store.

    I'm tellin' ya, the American version sucks. Too much drama. Too much bad editing.

    Anyway, that's my four cents.