Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Such a Dumbass

I decided to re-read George R. R. Martin's Songs of Fire and Ice series. I finally got DH to try A Games of Thrones after he finished Jim Butcher's Cold Days last winter and he needed something new. He wanted to discuss aspects of the books, but it had been sixteen years since I originally read the first book. I didn't remember some of the little things.

So I'm bebopping along a couple of nights ago, and it hits me. I realize who Jon Snow's mother is.

I wanted to smack myself for not realizing it back in 1996. Martin did such a delicate and delicious job of laying down the clues. It's actually been an interesting study as I wrap up Blood Sacrifice.

And this is why writing teachers say you need to read in order to write. By studying the masters, you can figure out their strengths and practice your own version in your manuscripts.

I just hope that George lives long enough to finish the series because I can't wait to find out how Jon and his half-sister kick ass!

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