Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Hell of a Week...Oh, and Apple

Well, the moving truck pulled out of the driveway at 10:30 a.m. this morning. Three and a half hours behind schedule.

Fortunately, one the few aspects of mine GK has developed is the desire for organization and sticking to a schedule. Unfortunately, DH has neither. Add in his heavy dose of sentimentality and both GK and I were ready to kill DH this morning.

I was at least prepared for DH's meltdown, having experienced it seventeen years ago when we moved to Texas. GK is like, "What the fuck is wrong with my dad?"

In addition to the actual moving BS, my laptop died, our shredder died, and there was a fubar regarding our moving truck reservation. Everything was dealt with, but it sucked unnecessary hours out of our already tight schedule. But we still would have left late today anyway because of DH.

*sigh* Anyway...

Three interesting personal things about Apple:

1) Apple finally decided to pass on numbers for free e-books. My giveaways for Zombie Confidential are 494, which brings my total to 3,370 as of June 30, 2013. On a side note, every time I think the book will drop out of the top 100 in the Amazon Women Sleuths category, it jumps right back up.

2) Apple has some very odd standards when it comes to cover art. They are refusing to sell Book #4 of Alter Ego's BDSM series because it has a naked woman in handcuffs on the cover. Apparently, they did not notice the naked woman in chains on the cover of Book #1. In both cases, you cannot see any of the naughty bits. I haven't decided what I'm going to do just yet, but I'm leaning toward replacing the current cover with a Victorian woman.

3) As I mentioned, my Apple sales have been matching or surpassing my Amazon sales this year. Here's the breakdown of percentage of total sales:

January: Apple - 0.9% Amazon - 24.9%
February: Apple - 11.4% Amazon - 12.2%
March: Apple - 14.2% Amazon - 14.8%
April: Apple - 23.3% Amazon - 12.3%
May: Apple - 8.6% Amazon - 22.4%
June: Apple - 21.3% Amazon - 11.8%

It'll be interesting to see if this trend continues through the rest of the year.


  1. Oy, there's a bunch going on at your house. Whew. I wish we lived closer. Then we could go escape to the book shoppe for the afternoon.

  2. After packing up over sixty boxes of books, I don't think letting me into a bookstore is a good idea, Whisk!