Monday, August 5, 2013

Back in Business...Sort of

Ivan has been fully loaded with programs and data. I'm thankful I didn't lose any wips or the box inventory I'd been working on when Isabella went into cardiac arrest. However, we're picking up the moving truck at noon, we actually ran out of boxes and need to buy more, and we have a houseful of furniture to load, so I know I won't get any writing done today or tomorrow.

I'll be posting some interesting personal news about Apple on Wednesday, but it may be late in the day.

'Til then, be safe and productive everyone.


  1. I remember when moving was done completely with boxes scrounged out of the dumpsters behind local grocery and liquor stores. The idea of buying boxes to pack stuff in when you moved didn't cross my chunk of the universe until I was almost thirty. :) I'll admit that boxes made for the purpose do make things easier.

    Best of luck with the move! [wave/hug]


  2. Hi Whisk and Angie!

    We've already filled nearly three hundred free boxes. I scrounged and begged for boxes, bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts from my previous empoyer before I left last year.

    I had to buy five specialty boxes for collector's items that don't fit in standard shipping boxes.

    The sad part is I've already taken twenty carloads of stuff to Goodwill, not to mention the nearly 100 bags of trash we've put out. This move is making us get organized!