Monday, August 12, 2013

HELP! (And a reward for the correct answer!)

A few weeks ago, I came across a blog that one of my daily dose people (i.e. Passive Guy, Joe Konrath, DWS, etc.) linked to, either directly or indirectly. The lady writer had the HTML on her blog post for a universal link to all Amazon stores for her buy links in the back of her books.

The book link would go to the appropriate store based on the reader's locale, i.e. if the reader was in England, the link would go to that book page on

This was terrific! I didn't have to list every single Amazon store! I saved that URL, or I could have sworn I did. But between the move to Ohio and two computer crashes, I cannot find the bookmark for that blog!

It is NOT the Wordpress Affiliate Link Localizer plug-in, Easyazon, OR

As I said, I'm looking for the blog of a female indie writer who posted the HTML for a universal Amazon link.

REWARD: Be he first person to post the link to the correct writer's blog post in my comments section, and I'll send you a $20 Amazon giftcard!



    This perhaps?


    1. Oh - sorry - probably not, now that I read a bit closer.

      Love your blog!


  2. I'm sorry, Dee. That's wasn't what I was looking for. But thanks for poking around for me!

    And if you ever need help with formatting, Jaye is a fabulous resource!

  3. Yeah... figured that out too late. Lol. I'd have edited it back off again, but that wasn't an option. =)
    Still and all - hello - nice to meetcha. =D


  4. LOL That's the only thing I don't like about Blogspot, Dee. You can't edit comments.

    But thanks for dropping in! Nice to see a new face in the comments and to have some feedback. If it weren't the stat counters, I would think I'm talking to myself. LOL

  5. I've been reading for a few months now - I'm usually at work though and cannot comment.

    I'm a wanna-be (writer) and might always stay one - thought I hope not of course - but let's not hold our breath. =)

    Love reading and researching the new world for writers though! =)


  6. I definitely don't want you to get in troubleat work, Dee!

    And when it comes to writing, we all start somewhere. Do what's right for you. When I started this journey, I never thought I'd have my own publishing company. :grin: