Friday, August 9, 2013

Status Report - August 2013

As far as my writing goes, not much has been happening. In May, we made the difficult decision of moving back to Ohio. 80% of my resources has been dedicated to that task this summer. The ultimate goal was to get up there so we could enroll GK before the new school year.

I did finish an Alter Ego novella and cranked out a huge chunk of Blood Sacrifice before packing had to take precedence. Once the truck was on the road Wednesday, I was too damn sore to concentrate on much.

(And for the record, getting old sucks. My sister and I used to load and unload three or four wagons of hay IN A DAY, and the the worst thing that would happen is sweat. I had to steal GK's leftover painkillers from his oral surgery just to sleep the last two nights because extra-strength Tylenol just wasn't cutting it.)

Yesterday, I got a good chunk of the novella edited. Once it's published (probably Monday or Tuesday), I'll get Blood Sacrifice done since one of my beta readers keeps asking where it is.

As for sales, they've been slow but steady over the summer. The biggest change is the rise in Apple sales, which I talked about on Wednesday. I know sales will sag when schools start around the 15th, but I'm not worried. Since I'm not homeschooling for the first time in four years, I should see a rise in writing productivity that compensates.

I just pray Zombie Goddess won't take a year and three drafts to complete.

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