Friday, August 16, 2013

Where's Suzan? Definitely Not in Waldo's Happy Place

After all the drama of the packing and move, after all the trauma of broken laptops, and after all the stress of not getting as much written over the summer as I'd planned, I went to the movies Wednesday night.

It was one of those places that serves food and alcohol, and they have a chickflick night once a month. Wednesday's offering was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a movie I hadn't seen yet even though I love Alexis Bledoe Bledel (sorry, I always get her name wrong).

I got there five minutes after the start of the film (which totally isn't like me). The pepperoni pizza I ordered was cold. And I didn't get my Diet Pepsi until an hour and a half into the show.

(Good flick though, and I'll do my review on Monday.)

I figure this just isn't my week. I'll go home, take a nice hot bath and go to bed. When I got home, water was pouring out of the bottom of the water heater as fast as the intake was dumping it in. I turned off the gas, but the water shut-off valve was corroded so bad it refused to budge. So I had to close the house's main before I started moving stuff out of the path of the flood.


Several phone calls to find an available plumber and $650 later, we've got a new hot water heater.

And for some strange reason, I'm exhausted. On the plus side, I got some work done on Blood Sacrifice in between phone calls and during the installation.


  1. Well, crap. This is your new house, right? I don't suppose the home inspection turned up the fact that the water heater was just about rusted out, or whatever-all was wrong with it? :/

    I'm like you in that it bugs the hell out of me to not see a movie from the beginning. My mom and grandmother and great aunts used to go on and on about how back in the day, nobody rushed to the movie theater, that you just got there whenever you got there, watched the movie from wherever it was, then stayed on for the beginning of the next showing. When you saw something you recognized, you said, "This is where I came in," and left. o_O Sorry, but that's pretty insane IMO. I'm sure it worked for them, but I guess I'm just a slave to the linear narrative. :P

    I saw Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants when it came out, with a friend of mine, while Jim went the opposite direction in the theater to watch something with explosions. :) Good stuff; I thought America Ferrera was great in it.

    Yay! on getting some writing done. Hopefully things will stay peaceful for a while. [crossed fingers]


  2. Well, as I told a friend this morning, I think I'm more pissed that my paint money had to go into the stupid water heater. Sherwin Williams is having an excellent sale this weekend!

  3. And with all that, you managed to get some work done. Very cool. The price tag though, not so cool. Been there recently ourselves.

    Here's to another day. A better day.

    1. I'm just focusing on the writing since I can't buy paint, grout, etc. until next payday. Meanwhile, there's plenty of yard work and cleaning that can be done.

      Oh, and a little chocolate is always good too.

      Did you ever find your Andes mints?

    2. I did, thank you for asking. Turns out two places still carry them, though one no longer carries the package. Instead they sell them in the bins.

      Very odd, that. It's like they all went bye bye.

      Focusing on writing sounds damn good.