Monday, December 16, 2013

26 Days of Christmas - The Headless Horseman Rides Again!

And this time he's Death. Literally. As in one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Sleepy Hollow gives Washington Irving's classic tale of a schoolteacher pining for the most beautiful girl in town a Revelations twist. Also, the producers made Ichabod hot, let him win the desirable Katrina only to have the American Revolution rip them apart, and turned Brom Bones into an undead corpse wanting vengence since Katrina spurned him for Ichabod.

Most of the series so far deals with Ichabod and his partner, Lt. Abbie Mills attempting to stop Brom and his demon master from unleashing Armageddon. One of the highlights of the series is the always fabulous Orlando Jones as Abbie's captain, skeptical at first but turned believer and ally.

Why I love this show: With the current fairy tale streak in media, I'm excited to see a show based on an American writer, even more a writer who's not L. Frank Baum (not that I have anything against Mr. Baum). Secondly, I'm happy to see a Christian witch such as Katrina shown in a positive light (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing). Sleepy Hollow has already been greenlit for a second season.

EDIT TO ADD: My buddy Angie shared a link to popular fanfic writer Cleolinda's hilarious take on Ichabod and Abbie texting each other. She captures the characters perfectly.


  1. This is one of my favorites too. :) The characters and story and world are all cool, and not complete retreads of other stuff we've seen, which is great. And I love the diverse cast -- women actually outnumber the men in the main cast, and POC outnumber white people, what a concept. :D

    Have you read Cleolinda's fic where Abbie and Crane are texting back and forth? It's great:

    Orlando Jones said in a con interview that he'd read and loved something that had to be it, from how he described it. Cleo was all \o/ when someone pointed her at the video. [grin]


    PS -- hopefully this'll post, since my first try just vanished into the ether. :/

  2. Dammit, Angie! You made me snort my Twinings Irish Breakfast tea out my nose!

    Cleolinda,definitely has Crane and Mills down pat.