Wednesday, December 4, 2013

26 Days of Christmas - N. K. Jemisin, Not Calgon, Takes You Away

I tried N. K. Jemisin on Tobias Buckell's recommendation. And now, I've got another must-buy author.

Even crazier, I whipped through the first book of The Inheritance Trilogy in three days during the middle of NaNoWriMo. Jemisin's style reminds me of Tanith Lee, but with a harder edge.

In The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Yeine Darr is drawn into her cousins' machinations for the throne as she tries to unravel the plot behind her mother's assassination. To make her already tenuous position deadlier, four imprisoned gods demand her help in gaining their freedom in exchange for the truth and revenge she seeks.

Why I love it: Marvelous book with an incredible, believable heroine! Yeine knows she's doomed, but she tries to make sure her death is worth something to somebody other than her evil family. I didn't know it had been nominated for a Nebula, so I didn't start reading it with pre-set expectations. This is one book I suggest you curl up and savor!


  1. Nora is awesome. [nodnod] Mark is reading the Inheritance trilogy, and I've been watching/listening along.

    Nora actually commissioned one of the chapters in The Broken Kingdoms. She mentioned on her blog that she's enjoying his reading, and I guess there was a hole. :)


  2. I'm dangling The Broken Kingdoms in front of myself as a reward for getting Alter Ego's next book done. *grin*