Wednesday, December 11, 2013

26 Days of Christmas - New Orleans Holiday

Copyright 2008 by AreteStock 
After DH and I moved to Houston but before GK was born, DH and I spent the weekend before Christmas in New Orleans.

Why I love Christmas in the French Quarter: December is the city's slow time. You can get some great deals on hotels even if the Saints have a home game on Sundays. The pace is slower, the people less stressed, and the Quarter is gorgeous decked out in Christmas lights. As this picture by AreteStock shows, there's a tranquility to the city that it doesn't have the rest of the year.

I'm trying to talk DH into staying in New Orleans for the entire month of December once GK is in college. I've even picked out St. Philip French Quarter Apartments. I'm sure I can get all kinds of inspiration here!


  1. One of the joys of both of us having portable jobs! But DH is already whining about how he needs a car when everything is within walking distance, including the grocery and laundromat, and street parking is severely limited. I may take a girlfriend with me instead. :-)