Thursday, January 30, 2014

Special Thursday Writers Beware! Edtion

Vanity publisher Publish America is trying to fool writers again. A warning was issued at Writers Beware (R) on Tuesday that Publish America has changed their name to America Star Books.

They are specifically targeting non-American authors this time, saying they will translate non-English works to English editions in order to get into the American market.


If you're one of my non-American readers, don't fall for this! Real translation takes some serious money (I know because I checked into Spanish and Norwegian translations for my own works).

If you know ANYONE looking to get translations done, please WARN THEM AWAY from America Star Books!

Most of all, spread the word through your blogs and other social media, so no more innocent writers get ripped off by these people!

If you've already had problems with America Star Books or Publish America, please contact Victoria Strauss at Writers Beware. She keeps a file (and trust me, the one on Publish America is as big as the one on Author Solutions, another notorious vanity scam artist).

And if you're not already following Victoria, bookmark Writers Beware and its sister site Preditors and Editors to stay on top of the scams targeting writers.

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