Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Would I Take a Trad Deal?

In the wake of the blow-up of the Hugh Howey/Data Guy report that came out last week, DH asked me point blank, "What would make you take a trad deal?"

Me: "Don't you remember? I did last year." (A short story in Sword and Sorceress 28.)

DH: *laughs* "No, I mean a contract offer on a novel."

Me: "Low seven figures minimum on a property I don't give a shit about."

And we all know right now that just ain't gonna happen.

But later that night, I lay in bed wide awake. (Ah, the joys on insomnia!) The days' events replayed through my head, and of course, things rolled back to DH's question. I realized I wasn't entirely truthful with myself.

There's not a whole lot a trad publisher can do for me that I'm not already doing myself. I'm aware of the things I need to improve on, the expansions I need to make, and plans are in the works.

So what can they offer me? What bon mot can they dangle in front of my nose that would really, truly entice me to sign a DPH contract?

Yep, I would sell one of my babies for pennies on the dollar to get booked on The Late, Late Show.

Because Craig Ferguson is just that cool!


  1. "Low seven figures minimum on a property I don't give a shit about."

    That sounds about right. And only if they'd strike the non-compete and next-option and such clauses from the contract.

    Luckily I don't watch talk shows, so Craig Ferguson isn't a temptation. [grin]

    Angie, who still has about 120 stories to read. [flail]

  2. Yes, striking all the stupid non-compete, option, and handing them my first born clauses are a given, Angie. I'm simply acknowledging the one weakness where the BPHs MIGHT be able to get me.

    But as for Craig Ferguson, he isn't your typical talk show host, dear. He's a brilliant writer, a major Dr. Who fan, and he actually reads the books of his guests on the show. He's someone I think would be fascinating to meet.