Friday, March 28, 2014

Are Sales Patterns Starting to Shift in E-Books?

Some funny things have happened to my sales patterns over the last month. I don't mean funny HA-HA, but funny INTERESTING (at least from a business perspective).

If you've been reading my Status Updates, I've mentioned how my Apple Sales have been gaining on my Amazon US sales. In February, my Apple sales didn't match or edge past Amazon US. No, they were 400% more! European and Australian sales are light-years ahead of other markets Apple services.

As we close on the end of March, my Amazon UK sales are ahead Amazon US for the first time ever. Normally, I'm doing good to sell 4-5 copies TOTAL on Amazon UK in a month.

So what does this mean? Well, not a provable thing since I need a larger, more random sampling to be scientifically accurate. What I think subjectively is that the European e-book market is catching up with American e-book market in a visible way.

It will be interesting how things will shake out over the rest of 2014.


  1. That is interesting.

    And off topic, I buy most of my bake books from the UK.

  2. LOL I kind of figured since you do so much metric measuring, Whisk. The real question is do you make Tim eat haggis?

  3. Back when Borders was around they sold tons of metric cookery and bake books. Barnes is starting to catch on but it's really slow moving.

  4. LOL Tim will eat all of your experiments, but he won't try haggis?

    I hope you get everything you need from B&N.

  5. Do you enjoy haggis?

    Hit Barnes yesterday, went to my favorite bake shelf and the guy was ripping it apart. He said they were sending them back to the publisher. All kinds of bake books. Yet Martha Stewart's crap remains.

    Thankfully, we can order for the UK.