Monday, March 10, 2014

Three Low-Key Tips for Discovery

A lot of writers will dismiss what I'm about to say. Americans are very big about doing something, but that something has to be BIG in and of itself.


Because the myth is that you have to do something big to get big results.

It doesn't take big actions to get attention for you and your books. A lot of little things add up.

1) Comment on other writers' blogs.

Why? For one thing, you'll get to know folks who are in the same position you are. The camaraderie helps get through the trials and tribulations of the career. For a second, you'll have cross-pollination when your readers and theirs see that you're friends.

2) Interact with your readers.

It's always a thrill getting that first personal contact from a reader, whether it be by e-mail, snail mail, FB or tweet. Always acknowledge the contact. The personal touch will go a lot further than you realize. You've made the reader feel special, and they are more likely to recommend you to friends because you took the time to write back.

Caveat: Don't respond to non-direct communication, i.e. reviews. It makes some readers very uncomfortable, and you may inadvertently launch a flaming on yourself.

3) Keep writing.

This is the one every new writer forgets. If someone likes your first book, they will want to read your next. If you haven't written it, they have nothing to buy. And if they have to wait too long, they will forget about you.

So keep writing!


  1. Totally number three. [nodnod] Always apply the WIBBOW test -- Would I Be Better Off Writing? If the answer is yes, then write. If you're a newb with only one book out, the answer is always yes. If you're a newb with less than, like, eight or ten books out, the answer is going to be yes 98% of the time.

    Doing something you enjoy is a different thing, so long as it doesn't gobble up your writing time. But whenever I see people talk about how they hate Facebook or can never think of anything good to tweet, or who consider posting to a blog or putting out a newsletter to be drudgery, but they do it anyway because they think they're Supposed To, I get new keyboard impressions in my forehead. Don't do anything you don't enjoy doing, and when in doubt, go write some more.


    1. That's the whole reason I have Capt. Kirk up there, telling me to write. LOL (The Avengers work, too.)

  2. That is not Captain Kirk. That's some kid pretending to be on the big screen. But for me, only one CK.

    That being said, little things really do add up.

    1. Who said anything about JTK? That's Jack Ryan, baby!

      But yeah, the little things don't get enough credit.