Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here's Something I Think You Will Enjoy

Since I've been flat on my ass for the last four days with a serious infection, I'm playing catch-up with household chores. Because, well, you know, clean underwear is always good. So here's a little riff on James Bond by the incredible actor/comedian Eddie Izzard, all set to Legos.


  1. I love him. So flippin' funny.

    Heal up, girl. Summer is on the way. Well, not really for us where I live, but for someone somewhere ...

  2. I'm healing. At least got some chores done today!

  3. LOL! There's something inherently funny about "jam trousers" but I can't quite put my finger on what.... :D

    Glad you're feeling a bit better. [hugz] I spent yesterday evening in the ER, so empathy. It took them four sticks to find a vein. I felt like next time I had a glass of water I'd do the sprinkler/fountain trick you always see in cartoons. :/


    1. ER, booo! But it's the first time this year, right?

      I managed an outing to pick up Easter/Ostara gifts for Genius Kid and Darling Nephew, and I didn't need a nap when I got home, so definitely improving.

      As for "jam trousers",.that's an interesting question. The juxtaposition of a ridiculous phrase in a proper British accent? Or maybe that Q might actually invent such a thing? I can see the late Desmond Llewelyn enjoying such a such a scene.