Monday, April 21, 2014

When Real Life Intrudes

My writing productivity has left something to be desired in 2014. Between packing, getting the Houston house ready to go on the market, and dealing with some family issues over the last year, I think I've officially burnt out the creative part of my brain through stress.

While I can't make all the stressors go away, I'm following Colleen Thompson's advice and refilling the well. I'm reading a little more and writing a little less. I'm watching the movies I missed at the theater over the last two summers, and re-watching my favorite sitcoms.

And I'm jumping ship on my book schedule and working on a couple of projects I hadn't planned, just to shake things up in my brain a little.

Hopefully, this will jump start the creative process again.

(P.S. That book the stormtrooper is checking out? Excellent!)


  1. I had to expand the image. Funny book title.

    Good post, too. You've got so much going on that it's easy to get out of whack. Here's hoping the new way works out and gets you refilled.

    1. What can I say? I like Star Trek parodies. *grin*

      I'm hoping a change in routine will shake things up, too.

  2. Don't know if it would work for you, or for writing on book-scale; but I've found that a complete change of subject (so to speak) works for me.

    As an example, I used to design custom homes.* Whenever I was really stuck on some aspect of the design the best thing for me to do was to get up ad leave the office. I run an errand, go to the library, or to my local game store. Completely pushing construction and design concerns out of my head. Fortunately, my bosses recognized this was my way; and upon my return to the office, I invariably figured out a solution in minutes.

    So might I suggest you briefly undertake some other creative endeavor/hobby. Watercoloring, knitting, scrapbooking; something creative but non-writey to recharge the batteries.

    * However, in the last decade, five family members have built new homes, not one has asked for my advice or input. So, I might have been really bad at home design and everyone was too polite to tell me to my face. Which might devalue my advice somewhat. My one penny's worth, I guess.

  3. Usually when I get stuck, Stu Rat, I do exactly as you suggest and change my environment. Even little move, like going from the living room to the family room with my laptop, can do wonders. I'm glad in your case your bosses were cool about you needing a break. I'm just at that point where my regular tricks aren't working.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I think it's pretty cool you used to design houses! And don't take the family's actions personally. They may have decided your relationship was more important to them. Family coming to me for professional advice when I practiced law never ended well. LOL