Friday, May 30, 2014

Days of Future Past

Since even I am suffering from Hatchette insanity exhaustion, I'm headed to the theater today.

My review will be in Monday's post as usual. The twist will be interesting since Senator Kelly died in X-Men (2000), but as X-Men: First Class showed, the movie people are about as interested in continuity and character history as Marvel's current writers.

My only piddle going into the theater is that it's the guys that go into the past in any adaptation of Chris Claremont's marvelous tale. Kitty, aka Sprite/Ariel/Shadowcat, still rules in my opinion.


  1. Re: Logan subbing in for Kitty (or Kat, actually) I noticed that too when I saw the trailer. :/ I get why they'd do it, since from a box office POV, Logan's the hottest character in the group, and I don't think they've ever even had Kitty played twice by the same actress. But yeah, it's annoying.

    Although, as you noted, they've been playing fast and loose with the canon and timeline ever since the first movie. Having Bobby be in Kitty's generation was a big, "Wait, WTF?" from the beginning, and compressing the whole Phoenix saga into, what, half a movie? [sigh] Major waste of a great story.

    So it's not like we didn't see this sort of thing coming.


    1. It's the self-fulfilling prophesy. They're not going to have major female character because girls don't like action flicks. But a lot of girls won't see action flicks because there are no major female characters.

      Then something like The Hunger Games comes along and proves the pundits wrong.

      And don't get me started on the movie version of the Phoenix Saga!

    2. And of course, Alien -- one of the biggest grossing action movies of all time, starring a woman -- was just an outlier. Nothing at all to be learned there. [eyeroll]

      I like action flicks, and see plenty of women watching them when I'm at the theater. My understanding is that, according to Hollywood, those women are there with their husbands or boyfriends, and wouldn't have chosen to see the movie on their own. But women will go along like that on movie choice. It's like people of color will watch movies about white people (because that's most of what's available) but most white people won't go see movies about people of color, except for a few superstars like Will Smith and Denzel Washington. So the money goes to movies starring white people, because they pull the whole audience. Same thing.

      So having a movie starring a dude means dudes and chicks will both see it, but having a movie starring a chick means only the chicks will see it. Except Hunger Games. And Alien. :P But those don't count because of reasons.


  2. All I gotta say, is I love me some Wolverine.