Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm Glad I'm Not an Oscar Hipster Weiner

This subject comes under the Roger Murtaugh Rule. In other words, I'm getting too old for this shit.

Last week, a young gentleman named Oscar decided to criticize the Author Earnings Report on his blog. No, I'm not going link to him. If you really want to find it, you will. I'll give you a hint. Passive Guy linked to him.

First point--I did check out his blog. How do I put this? I'm old enough to be his mom.

Second point--If GK acted like a total douche online, I'd rain down on him like the Baltimore mom on her son in the middle of the recent riots.

This gentleman's criticism of AE wasn't the problem. It was how he reacted when others started poking holes in his criticism.

Which leads to my typical constitutional law lecture on the First Amendment. Sure, it gives you the right to say what you want. It doesn't protect you from the consequences when you say something stupid.

Instead of meeting the criticism with facts or an intelligent reasoning, this gentlemen decided to lie and insult his critics. Referring to all indie published writers as unintelligent housewives was the kicker that alienated any allies the gentleman had left.

A friend of mine, who was semi-sympathetic to the gentleman prior to that last insult, sadly noted that Oscar was probably used to being the most intelligent hipster in the room.

I realized my friend was right. This gentleman was someone to be pitied, not reviled. This gentleman has only finished one book and working on his second. The writing community is very generous to newcomers. They would have bent over backward to answer questions, relate experience with particular vendors and publishers, and help with promotions.

Even more, this gentleman proclaims on his website that he plans to become a bestselling author. Maybe he will.

But one thing I do know is you can't have a career in this funky business without help and support from others. Insulting and demeaning experienced folks in the publishing biz is not the way to attract people who want to help you. And it's small enough that your reputation for acting like a douche will follow you.

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