Friday, June 19, 2015

Taking Care of Medical Business

The reason I didn't get a post written this morning was because I was too busy freaking out. As long-term readers know, DH was diagnosed with colon cancer twenty years ago. He was scheduled for a colonoscopy this morning. And that old, irrational friend FEAR was back with a vengeance.

Every time DH goes in for this procedure, FEAR insidiously creeps into my gray matter. What if the doctor finds something? What if its cancer? What if DH doesn't beat it this time?

It doesn't help that a writer I liked and respected, Jay Lake, passed from the same disease a year ago. It doesn't help that a good friend of DH's was diagnosed two months ago. Those incidents are just snacks to FEAR.

Thankfully, Doctor Y doesn't have hang-ups  about ex-attorneys watching him work. Under HIPPA, DH had to sign off on me being an observer, which he rather enthusiastically did. (Yes, we have a weird relationship.) Watching the inside of DH's large intestine on HD TV was pretty cool. Even better, DH came through with flying colors.

In fact, DH did so well he doesn't have to go back for five years. Maybe I'll take up Doctor Y's offer to let me drive the camera next time. *smile*


  1. Excellent news, for you and DH both. Hope you're doing something to celebrate his clean [cough] bill of health. :)