Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Movie Mania - Ant-Man

Take away the superhero schtick, and this would be a great heist movie.

And this is exactly why Marvel's killing DC at the cinema. Warner Brothers (who owns DC Comics) has forgotten that story-telling is the reason folks consume their products. It's not about the special effects. It's about real people in unreal situations, still trying to do the right thing.

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1) One of my pet peeves is that Marvel decided to use Black Widow and Hawkeye instead of the comic book founding members Ant-Man and Wasp. (Yes, I AM that old.) They rectify the story change with Hank Pym becoming Scott Lang's mentor (consistent with the comic book version). They also give Hank and Janet Van Dyne a backstory with S.H.I.E.L.D.

2) Paul Rudd is fucking adorable no matter who he plays.

3) Anthony Mackie's cameo was an absolute riot and a sweet lead-in to Captain America: Civil War (aka Avengers 2.5).

4) The sexual tension between Scott and Hope was perfect, as in it didn't vomit out every lone hero/sex object trope used in every other action movie. In one of the very last scenes, Hank stumbles on the couple kissing and yells, "When did this happen!"

1) The flashback with Janet was too brief (though they leave the door open to her returning in a later movie).

2) The writers tried to turn Hope Van Dyne (Hank and Janet's daughter) in Elektra. I don't blame the lovely Evangeline Lilly who did her best with the script she was given. I definitely blame the writers.

This is one Marvel movie I'll get in Blu-Ray as soon as it comes out, instead of waiting until it's on sale at Amazon. Ant-Man earned its 9 out of 10 stars.

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