Friday, March 25, 2016

How Far I Got This Week

As I posted Monday, I put together a priority task list for this week. So how did I do?

Alter Ego's paranormal erotic short story is live on Amazon. Since this is outside of her usual realm, I decided to put it, and its companion shorts when they are ready, into Kindle Unlimited just to see what happens. Eventually, I'll bundle them into an anthology.

Since Monday evening, I've been working on the Alter Ego novella. Oh, crap, let's face facts, it's now a short novel. I managed to get 426 words in that night after hitting the publish button on the other short story. I worked on it Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday night was also when I had a major bout of insomnia. Instead on the short novel, I fiddled with another story in the Alter Ego idea folder. Over 3K words later, I've got a new series mapped out and the first couple of chapters written.

But, none of the insomnia session had anything to do with the short novel. Priorities, remember?

So after I awoke to the lovely screech of the tornado sirens, I buckled down and worked on the project I wanted to finished. Or I did until my brain turned to mush about five p.m. Then I started searching for potential covers for the new series and the paranormal series.

Thursday was taken by helping out MIL. Since she still can't drive because of her leg, I took her to her hair appointment. But then she insisted on buying lunch for me since I chauffeured her. By the time we finished at the restaurant, I needed to pick GK from school. Then take MIL back to her apartment, and stop at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things for dinner. By the time we got home, it was after three p.m., and I was exhausted.

So I worked on Zombie Goddess (the story's been in my head for ten years now, so I don't really have to think that much about what to write next) and doodled around on covers for Alter Ego.

Today? I've got one scene left in Alter Ego's short novel, and I really don't have a lame-ass excuse for not finishing it.

And looking back over my week, I can see where and how much I got distracted from a current project. I don't tend to get upset with myself since I'm usually working on something else business related, but I definitely need to work on my focus in completing what I started, which is Heinlein Rule #2.

Robert A. Heinlein was a very smart man.


  1. Sounds to me like you got a lot done, considering all the family stuff you were doing. Go you! Keep going next week and all that. :)

    I just got back from a first trip through the dealer's room. I got a couple of great T-shirts, one of which has a picture of The Tick, and says:


    [insert picture here]


    Which goes wonderfully well with a shirt Jim got me a few months ago that has a picture of a Dalek, and says, "OMG it's R2D2! I loved him in Star Trek!" :D

    The other one is just text, and says, "I don't judge people by their Age, Race, Creed, Color or Religion. I judge them by their Syntax, Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation."

    Cool shirts are like half the reason I go to cons these days, heh.


    1. LOL Marvelous t-shirts! Did you hear that Amazon greenlit a new Tick series?

    2. No, I hadn't heard! Coolness! :D Jim and I loved the Tick TV series, but of course it got cancelled practically before it was released. :P