Friday, March 4, 2016

I Agree with Chuck - Vanity Publishing Sucks!

I have the flu, so what miniscule amount of brilliance I possess has been blurred by the sinus headache from hell as well as copious amounts of mucus being coughed and sneezed on my laptop screen.

In the meantime, I suggest reading the often-NSFW Chuck Wendig as he takes down a vanity press publisher. Even better is the comments where Steve Alten, the principal of A&M Publishers, tries to discredit Chuck's analysis with a very pathetic rant.

I don't always agree with Mr. Wendig's views on the publishing industry, but in this case, I do. "Self-publishing" means acting as the general contractor and taking responsibility for your product and your career. It does not mean handing over your kid's college tuition or your retirement savings to some shyster.

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