Friday, March 11, 2016

The World Is Mad I Tell You! Mad!

DH's dad is still in the hospital (complication from his surgery Wednesday) so this is a round-up of stuff y'all may be interested in.

First off, my self-editing post got a few comments yesterday. Just a reminder that there is no "right" way to edit. If you can proofread your own stuff, more power to you! Honestly, I proof my own short stories. However, it's the only area of where I think money can be wisely spent, just like it's overall cheaper and faster for me to hire out my formatting these days.

Ironically, Kris Rusch posted about the nightmares of dealing with trad publisher editors.

In that same blog, Kris also talked about the recent bloodbath at Penguin Random House. The layoffs included several editors.

And that led to this little bon mot my friend Angie e-mailed me this morning. Just how bad are things at PRH that la Nora jumps ship?

Are publishers in that much trouble? Yeah, they are. Data Guy's recent talk at the Digital Book World Conference shows trad publishers are sort of acknowledging that they sail in iceberg infested waters, but they still believe the icebergs pose no danger. *sigh*

On the other hand, anything that improves DG's scraping and analysis of book sales can help us indies in the long run.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. I love how the reporter comments on the "hostility" of Author Earnings supporters, without mentioning the hostility, to say nothing of derision and mockery, that came the other way from the tradpub side. [huge freaking eyeroll] That's not biased at all, nope, not even a tiny bit. :P

    But yeah, if the tradpubs start cooperating with Data Guy and offering their own numbers, we can get even better data that'll benefit everyone.


    1. Porter Anderson hates indies with a passion, so I wasn't surprised by his comments.

      I predict that the trad publishers who work with DG with be the ones still standing in five years.

  2. I agree with your prediction. [nod]