Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Riding the Priority Train

That priority list I wrote up two weeks ago? I'm still chipping those grains away.

After a week of edits and relearning how to format e-books, the Alter Ego novella turned short novel was uploaded to retailers Friday. Ironically, the one place I had problems was Smashwords. After two tries with the Epub version, I gave up and loaded the Word document. Obviously, I need more practice, or I need to turn things over to my formatter. In the second case, I need to ask her if she's willing to do erotica.

It's amazing what folks will and won't do in this business. If she isn't comfortable, which is totally fine, I'll put feelers out for an additional formatter through AE's network. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will because she does such a fabulous job.

Of course, DH's opinion is the formatting is worth the money so I'm not pulling out my hair in frustration at all the changes in all the retailers TaC's since 2013. He also suggested we save up for a Mac so I don't have to go through a distributor anymore.

On the other hand, I'm enjoying creating my own covers again!

So Monday, I hid at Panera's with my bacon and spinach soufflĂ© and tea while I started through my beta's notes concerning A Question of Balance. Ideally, I'll have the corrected manuscript to my formatter by Friday.

My writing restart is all going a little slower than I expected. Life is intruding again. I'm trying not to let it get to me. But I failed to follow my own advice last week. Big time. Specifically, don't compare myself with other writers.

One writer, who started about the same time as me and whose work I greatly admire, finished her third novel for the year. DH reminded me that this writer doesn't have kids or elderly in-laws to deal with. Then I followed Dean Wesley Smith's efforts as he wrote a novel in seven days. DH pointed out that Dean has thirty more years of experience than me.

So Sunday afternoon, DH insisted we go out, just the two of us, which is why you had the review about My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on Monday.

I obviously needed the day off because I was ready to tackle my priority list again when I woke up on Monday. And I continue chipping...

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