Monday, October 31, 2016

Different Tone for Halloween

My regular readers know how excited I am about Samhain, the Celtic New Year. This year will take a serious turn, and what I hope is an uplifting message.

A couple of weeks ago, Moise Morancy was on the bus when he saw a man sexually assaulting a fifteen-year-old girl. No one else intervened, but Mr. Morancy did. As it seems to happen all too often, when the police arrived, the sexual predator started screaming that Mr. Morancy attacked him for no reason.

You see the predator was white and Mr. Morancy is black.

The police cuffed Mr. Morancy. But they also took statements. And listened. Mr. Morancy's actions were vindicated. He was released, and the predator arrested.

For artists, well, we deal with our emotions through our art. Mr. Morancy is no exception. He wrote "No Means No", and it's a sad, poignant, and hopeful message.

At a time when it's all too easy to do nothing, Mr. Morancy did something that made a difference in a teenage girl's life. Please support this young artist and share his story.


  1. Good for him. [applause]

    And props to the police for taking statements rather than just beating up the accused black guy on principle. :/ Not that they should get any gold stars or cookies for doing their jobs the way they're supposed to, but you know, given the way things are in this country, that's unfortunately something worth noting and praising.

    I hope the young woman is doing okay, and has support. What a horrible thing to go through, especially being in public, with people nearby and ignoring her, until Mr. Morancy intervened. :(


  2. The fact that none of the other bystanders did anything, and the cops actually did their jobs is the reason I had to say something. All too often, trying to do the moral and ethical thing lands you in hot water.

    You're right, Angie, it says a lot about our country, and none of it's complementary.