Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cycling While Writing

No, not the kind on a bicycle.

Cycling is the term Dean Wesley Smith uses for reviewing previous words in a wip for typos, consistency, etc. before continuing to work on the story in today's writing session. I know a lot of long-term professional writers who cycle through their story.

Heck, I did it for years without knowing what it was, mainly because when I'm in the zone, my fingers are flying so fast words are left out, switched, or a homonym is accidentally used.

Cycling doesn't catch everything, or it may not catch everything right away. I took a break from writing for a few days two weeks ago to work on taxes. When I opened the file for Ravaged again, I discovered that I'd stopped writing on a major subplot that started in Blood Magick and has a lot to do with the climax in Resurrected.

Let's just say I could've put both Sam and Tiffany's potty mouths to shame when I was cycling through and realized what I'd done.

So, I'm going back to the beginning and layering in the subplot. Want to know why it's important? I'll give you a couple of hints. It has to do with the witch whose soul Bebe witnessed being eaten back way back in Blood Magick. And it's related to how chicks  breath while they are still inside their egg shells. 😁


  1. I cycle too, when I have time. [nod] When I'm working on a tight deadline [coughanthoworkshopcough] I often end up pushing hard to finish and slam that puppy into e-mail two minutes before the deadline without even giving it a single read-over. But, you know, usually. :P

    Not only does it help you fix your little crap as you go, it also helps you sink back down into the story so when you hit the ragged end you have a running start and can just dive back into typing story. Handy, that.


  2. You're one of those kids who wanted until the last minute to do their homework, weren't you, Angie? :D