Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday Movie Mania - Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Seriously, folks.

If I have to give you a SPOILERS warning before talking about this movie, you have had a very sad life, and you need to start watching animated Disney princess movies--STAT!

This is pretty much a scene-for-scene remake of Disney's 1991 animated version of the classic French fairy tale and using the music by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. The lush costuming and scenery are reminiscent of Hollywood musicals of the '30's and '40's.

Emma Watson's Belle is a little more millennial angsty than her animated counterpart. Ewan McGregor once again ably fills the shoes of an older actor who originated the role, in this case the late Jerry Orbach as Lumiere. Kevin Kline brings much needed depth to Maurice

There are a few slight changes to the story which only adds to the characters' motivations. Beast uses his mirror to show Belle her parents' old apartment in Paris and what really happened to her mother. Beast also opens up a bit talking about his relationships with his own parents, and how he allowed them to affect his personality. Finally seeing Gaston's obsession during the battle at the castle, LeFou switches sides, defends the castle staff, and gets his own happily ever after during Belle and Beast's wedding.

Overall, I give this movie 10 stars out of 10 because it makes my happy and I left the theater still singing the tunes. And I want to go see it again this week.

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