Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'm Not the Only One Who Has Given Up On Marvel

After my rambling diatribe on Monday, who should appear in my inbox today but ComicGirl19 bitching about the same goddess-damned issues. Have a listen:


  1. I listened to this, and I agree with her. (And you.) One thing that jumped out at me is that Marvel did Secret Wars just recently? Umm, Marvel did a huge event called Secret Wars in the eighties. And did a Secret Wars 2 less than ten years later. Is this a rebooted Secret Wars event??

    I remember during the one in the early 80s, the way they did it already sucked and already had most of the Marvel fans I knew griping. Secret Wars was this thing that grabbed up most of the high-powered characters, hero and villain, off of Earth and dumped them down on some planet to fight it out. There were some native people living on the planet, but whatever, we're using your planet as our battlefield, try to stay out of our way. Marvel had the characters grabbed in one month's issues of their various comics, then I think there was a month or maybe two where (in the regular comics) we saw what the characters left behind were doing, and then everyone came back, and there were all these changes. Secret Wars itself started out as a 12-issue maxi-series the month the characters were grabbed, but it ran for a year. So after a couple of months, all the characters were back on Earth and we're dealing with the Big-Huge-Can't-Miss-'Em!!!! changes in the Marvelverse, while Secret Wars, the comic and the story of what actually happened, are still playing out in its own limited series. I (and a lot of other folks) didn't like a lot of the changes that came from Secret Wars, but most of those changes were completely undone before Secret-Wars-the-series was even complete. o_O So they're trying to maintain reader excitement about seeing how stuff happened, when the stuff was already made irrelevant in the mainline comics. [headdesk] And that was back in the eighties. I doubt they're doing a much better job with this stuff again.

    And if they're calling a recent big event Secret Wars (and not Secret Wars 3 or whatever) then it sounds like they're really ignoring their old-time fans and customers. Which goes right back to the constant reboots and Issue #1s and all. [sigh]


    1. Yeah, I don't even want to get into the whole Secret Wars debacle. In my opinion, the only thing worse was DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths. *headdesk*

      I had a discussion with Lee Allred on The Passive Voice two years (?) ago. I know he depends on the Big 2 for a chunk of his living, but he was trying to convince me that I had to look at comics as TV seasons.

      Seriously? Show runners are at the studio to keep writers in line. They don't let them change the genre or the characters' personalities every year. There's a reason Sleepy Hollow, which started as a decent gothic paranormal horror show, has hit the skids ratings-wise, especially after a crossover with Bones, a forensic procedural, two years ago.