Monday, April 17, 2017

Oh, United!

The Sons of Maxwell created this after a disastrous engagement in Nebraska. Now, the notorious airline has moved to breaking people...


  1. Hee! I'n not really a music person, but this was fun. :)

    You'd think a big corporation would know better than to mess with someone who has a large existing platform from which to complain. Okay, problems occur, and some percentage of your employees are going to be idiots at any given time, but when shit happens, you apologize and make it right. That should work for all customers, of course, but seriously, if the person you've messed over is an entertainer, or a huge blogger, or anyone else who has their own huge megaphone? In what universe is it a good idea to compound an already egregious error by refusing to clean up your own mess, when the person you messed on has their own massive internet audience whom they can tell all about it, even without the follow-on viral effect...? Idiots, seriously.


    1. Get your homework done, Angie!

      (And yeah, United seems to make the same mistakes over and over again. *smh*)