Friday, May 12, 2017

When a Fan Wants to Mash-up Your Series

A couple of weeks ago, a non-writing reader asked me what would happened if Sam Ridgeway ever met Justice Anthea.


Don't get me wrong. I'll be the first one to admit I love me some fan fiction. Heck, I've posted links to some good stuff here. Fanfic lets you experiment with the story and try new things. In fact, one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural is when the Winchesters find out about Chuck Shurley's novels. Then to Dean's eternal WTF, he discovers fan fiction about himself.

Dean: There's Sam girls and Dean girls. And what's a slash fan? 
Sam: As in... Sam slash Dean. Together.  
Dean: Like... together together?  
Sam: Yeah.  
Dean: They do know we're brothers, right?  
Sam: Doesn't seem to matter.  
Dean: Ah, come on. That... that's just sick.

*sigh* At least my reader wasn't suggesting girl-on-girl or incest action with my heroines because the subject matter doesn't quite mesh with my Suzan books.

But his question did get me thinking. What would happen if for some reason the two met?

I think Anthea would smack Sam upside her head for being a dumbass.

So what do you call it if you write fanfic about your own characters?


  1. Fun? :)

    Come to think of it, I could build Sentinels into my alchemical steampunk verse pretty easily. It'd be an AU, but putting one or more of Paul's ancestors into the Universita Hermetica as a student or a master would be ridiculously easy.... [ponder]


    1. Heh. Fun to think about, but it'd be crossing not just verses, but also pseuds. :P It's not exactly a huge secret, but I don't advertise it all that loudly anymore either. Sort of like yours? Anyone who wants to know could figure it out, but I'd just as soon not rub anyone's nose in it.

      I think if I wanted to do it, for reals, I'd have to write it AS fanfic, and come up with a new fic pseud to post it under. [laugh/flail] 'Cause having someone figure out my fic pseud would be much worse that having someone link my two pro pseuds. Writing romance gets you spat on enough, but writing fic...? [shudder]

      It would be fun, though. :)


  2. That's a good question! I've actually seen authors write separate books based on their original books...usually it's fleshing out one character's backstory more, though.

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Sometimes a character or set of characters capture readers' imaginations, and the readers want more. And we readers get prequels, sequels or the same story from a different point-of-view (like Stephanie Meyer's canceled book Midnight Sun, which was Twilight from Edward's POV) because we want MORE. But is it really fan fiction if the original creator continues or expands the original story?

      Or say Bram Stoker and Mark Twain admired each other's work, got together and wrote a story with Tom Sawyer and Mina Harker. Is that fan fic?

      Can we as readers be fans of our own creations as writers? On one hand it sounds pretentious. On the other, why are we writing if we don't enjoy our own stories? Interesting question regarding the human psyche.