Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday Movie Mania - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

DH and I intended to see The Incredibles 2. I asked for tickets for The Incredibles 2. But I only glanced at the theater number and not the title on my actual ticket.

We found seats in a very packed audience. The lights went down, but the logo for Universal Studios rolled across the big screen instead of the Disney and Pixar logos. DH and I looked at each other. He shrugged and said, "Well, we were planning to see this next week." So we stayed.

After the movie, I check our stubs and receipts. It wasn't just the movie that was screwed up. So we asked to see the theater manager. I was polite, listed the issues, and merely suggested that the girl who waited on us seemed overwhelmed and might need some additional training.

I give the manager props. She went above and beyond to make everything right. In fact, she refunded our tickets, even they both DH and I emphasized we'd planned to see Jurassic World 2 the following week anyway. So, many kudos to the manager.

Which bring me to the movie itself...

* * *


* * *

1) Ummm...dinosaurs?

1) A world-class cast totally wasted trying to work with a redundant, repetitive, uninteresting script.

2) That's not even taking into account the total lack of character development. The previous four movies at least made a token effort.

3) You're going to figure out the one twist with the introduction of that character.

4) Making female characters dumber than a box of rocks. I thought we'd gotten past that. Or was this backlash to #METOO?

5) We've reached the limit when Spielberg and crew make DINOSAURS BORING!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is one of those movies we would watch when there's nothing better to do on a cold, snowy January night, and it shows up on Netflix, FX, or TNT. Actually, I'd probably watch it for a few minutes before popping in Guardians of the Galaxy if I was in that much of a Chris Pratt mood. So, I guess it's a good thing we ended up watching it for free.

Overall, I give Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom 3 stars out of 10. And those 3 stars are for Scar the T-rex's scenes.

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