Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Boxing Day!

So did any on you get up early to hit the post-Christmas sales?

I used to do that, but after working at Hallmark for a few years, I'm so stocked up on wrapping paper and card I had to pack them into large boxes during the move. And now that the nieces and nephews are grown, well, I'm using less and less every year.

After a day where the entire DH family gathered under one roof, I was exhausted. And I mean EVERYONE from Papa to the littlest great-grandbaby and the brand-new grandpuppy Scotty.

So I'm finally awake. We've got plenty of Pepsi, coffee, chocolate, and cinnamon buns to fuel me. Time to get back to the writing!


  1. My mom and I noticed quite a few years ago that stores don't seem to have post-Christmas sales anymore. It's like all the Christmas stuff gets whisked off to warehouses or something before Opening Time on 26 December, rather than sold for half off. Or maybe we've just been living in the wrong areas all these years? :P But I haven't bothered looking for sales after Christmas (or Halloween or whatever) in ages. :/

    Yesterday was a travel day for me and Jim anyway, so no time or luggage space for sale stuff even if we wanted to. [wry smile]


    1. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. Hallmark marks their ornaments down, as well as card, wrapping paper, and most knick-knacks. Bath and Body works starts their semi-annual sale online on Christmas Day. I've shopped for my favorite discontinued scents while watching the Doctor Who Christmas special before. Otherwise, yes, you need to be waiting when the doors of a particular store opens.

      If you're into that thing, anyway. But it is hard to carry rolls of discount wrapping paper on a plane. LOL