Friday, January 4, 2019

A Flurry of Doctors

Yeah, I'm a little late posting. The rush of doctors appointments have started up again.

Ironically, I've buried myself in stories and editing in between appointments. I don't normally hide from my problems. I just don't want the fear to eat me alive and interrupt my rhythm.

The sad part is that I can't count on the health professionals to keep track of everything. I have to go into each appointment with lists: questions, drugs, messages between the doctors. It's funny how these folks don't like to talk to each other.

It's funnier how they put me in the middle of their disagreements. *eyeroll*

I'm thankful that I've still got my mental faculties. Otherwise, I'd be up a shit creek.

But what would happen if I wasn't?

A lot of folks face this exact problem. DH already had an incident where his dad was going to give his mom a pill to treat vertigo when the real problem was her blood sugar level was crashing. Luckily, DH was there.

And that's the burden of being middle-aged in America right now. We're having health problems. We need to care for elderly parents. And we're trying to launch our children into a world that seems very cold, and very cruel right now.

But in the meantime, I'll deal with the flurry of doctors and try to make sure my health stays clear.


  1. Sympathy. :/ My doctor, the hospital/ER I go to, and the local urgent care clinic are all part of the same health care network, and they can pull my chart up at any of their offices. Which is great, when they do it. I've noticed, though, that most of the time, the doctors haven't bothered to skim through, say, the last couple of entries in my chart before coming in to talk to me. Or they've looked at part of it, but are still missing some key info. (I have no idea how the electronic charts are organized, so I don't know whose fault this is.) So I generally give as complete a summary as I can, mentioning everyting I think might be at all relevant, every time I see a doctor or nurse. I shouldn't have to, but there you go.

    And if your doctors are on different systems, that's even worse. And if you have doctors who are arguing with each other, that sucks massively. :( You shouldn't be in the middle of that crap.

    Best of luck! {{}}


    1. Even if they weren't part of the same network, this is a freakin' small town. Everybody knows everybody's business whether you want to know or not. LOL