Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Proofreading Hell

I overslept this morning. I don't even remember turning off the alarm when it went off. How much of my behavior is a bit of dread over today's task?

I'm at the point in the production cycle where I do the text-to-speech playback of a novel, in this case Hero De Facto. I try to make it fun by using a woman's voice with an English accent. Also, the slightly different accent and pronunciation helps to keep my attention on the words.

But this is the super nit-picky part. Ouch, that sentence is garbled. OMG! I forgot another article! Oh, dear, that paragraph sounded a lot more coherent in my head.

Cthulu! I hate my critical voice!

On the plus side, this is the last big step before I turn the file over to my formatter. Then, fingers crossed nothing major happens, I'll be able to get pre-orders up next week.

Focusing on that sense of accomplishment will get me through the next several hours. And y'all will have a new book to read soon.


  1. Argh! We just recently got the reading list for the Mystery Workshop in April. It's like a dozen books, and the first one is an 800-page anthology. Plus I'll have 1.2 million words to read next month for the Anthology Workshop. Bother. :P

    I've been looking forward to this darned book for, what, two or three years?

    I'll figure something out. :/


    1. OMG! Don't remind me I've been working on this book since January of 2015! LOL