Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle

2010 is still a little infant new year, and I'm trying to get back into the writing groove.

I'd so looked forward to December. Homeschooling for the fall semester would be done, and I'd planned to use the extra time to get a first draft done. I was so close--only 10K to go!

Alas, between judging a contest, proofing a crit partner's manuscript, day job getting bumped from part-time to full-time thanks to extended hours (can't complain about the extra money though!), emergency dog sitting for a writing buddy, and a godawful cold that I'm finally shaking, the glorious holiday month ran away, laughing at my ambitions.

On Sunday, DH, ever the encouraging husband, asked, "So when are you sending more queries out? And when are you going to finish ZW? I want to find out what happens next." (He just finished Lilith Saintcrow's latest Jill Kismet book, Flesh Circus. Can you tell he's bored?)

So, I'm inching forward on ZW. Hey, 100 words so far this week is a start! The question becomes how much more can I get done before the chocolate martini party on Friday at classy Christie Craig's house to celebrate the completion of her 10th book?

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