Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Self-Publish Or Not To Self-Publish

Self-publishing is either the way for decent authors to avoid the soul-crushing machine of New York or the surest sign of unprofessionality and arrogance known to mankind.

Depending on who you ask.

DH surprised me the other day when he asked if I'd considered it. For every argument against it I mustered, he had a counter-argument. I'll give DH credit. He'd been doing his research, citing the fragmentation of audiences cutting into book sales, the problems with NY publishers taking e-books seriously, and the ease of setting up a cyber-business.

I pointed out I still had fulls sitting with agents, which I'd like to follow, and we really couldn't afford to do it right now between house repairs, car repairs and braces.

So the discussion has been shelved for now, but a little part of my brain is wondering just how long NY will survive if the houses don't start adapting to the shifting publishing scene.

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