Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Do You Kill Your Characters?

Currently reading - Magic TreeHouse #30: Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve by Mary Pope Oborne

When I get stuck, I have a bad habit of killing off a character until I can think of something better to continue the scene with. Um, for some reason, the character always remains dead.

Hey, Jovial Joe Nassise said it worked for him, too!

Here's a cute little tribute to offing our characters. So far, I've used a broomstick, a sushi knife, nanites and a Native American water spirit. How many different ways have you killed characters in your novels?


  1. Humm, I only have one novel so far (coming out in May) and nobody actually dies in it. [duck] Do novelettes count? I killed one of the main characters in "A Spirit of Vengeance" by having him massively gay-bashed, although it turned out it was actually something else.


  2. LOL I think it means you're a better plotter than I am, Angie. I thoroughly admit I resort to cheap tricks when I get stuck.

  3. ROFL - I can sooo relate!

    I've filled a graveyard with dead characters. Weirdest COD: asphyxiation by breast implant stuffed down some poor unfortunate's throat. And recently, someone called that book (HEAD ON) a "kinder, gentler Colleen Thompson."


  4. LOL - I forgot about that one, Colleen! I always thought the bee hive in the cockpit was a good one.

  5. C'mon, Christie! You come up with good ones, too! The toilet tank lid was the best one so far.