Monday, April 5, 2010

I Swear As God As My Witness I Shall Never Cook Turkey Again!

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With all due respect to Scarlet O'Hara (and the late Margaret Mitchell), I'm never cooking a goddess-damned turkey ever again! No matter how much GK begs (he points out that technically he was asking for turkey tacos on Easter). Those fucking birds are just bad luck in this family.

In case you hadn't noticed, I pre-recorded Saturday and Sunday's posts in anticipation of a crazy weekend. On Saturday, DH would cover the tree trimmers while I attended the NWHRWA chapter meeting and then Cool Colleen Thompson's booksigining in the neighboring burg of Katy before heading to the Day Job.

Except GK was invited to a birthday party, which I didn't find out about until I got home from work around 10 PM Friday night. DH and I discussed who'd make the present run.

I lost the coin toss.

So between racing to Target for an age-apprpropriate gift and the chapter meeting running late on Saturday morning, I missed Colleen's signing. No problem I thought (while the universe was laughing behind my back). I'd buy the latest book later and catch Colleen at a meeting to get it autographed for MIL. When I got home from closing the store Saturday night, I'd get the eggs boiled, hide the Easter presents and prep the turkey to pop in the oven before we headed to the movie on Sunday.

Except when I got home, GK was still up wa-a-a-ay past his bedtime, and DH was saying, "Honey, would you look at his left pinkie?"

So on the way to the mini-ER, they filled me in on the party and the accident inside the moonwalk. After filling out paperwork, getting x-rays, and paying the tripled deductible (thanks to the major rise in our health insurance premiums for 2010), the ER doc said it was just a bad sprain, splinted the finger and sent us on our way.

But before we got home, we had a message on the answering machine from the radiologist saying upon further examination that yes, the finger is broken right at the joint.


At least I managed to put together one of the Easter Bunny's famous treasure hunts before collapsing in bed. DH was so sweet and changed the sheets for me while I created riddle clues. Nothing like clean sheets after a really stressful day.

So today's filled with a trip to the orthopedic specialist on top of my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment. Then we'll color the eggs, which were boiled last night, and we'll roast the @($@ turkey on Wednesday, my next day off.

But I swear, it WILL be the last time!

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