Friday, April 16, 2010

Jim! How Could You?

I finished Jim Butcher's Changes the other night. Needed some time to digest it. And now I just gotta talk about it!

For the stupid FTC regs, I bought the damn book from B&N with my own damn money from the Day Job. And guess what? I'm taking it as a business deduction on next year's taxes!

Gotta love the research angle.

For those of you who haven't read Changes yet, you are hereby warned!


Wow. Jim pulled out all the stops on this one. Pretty much every surviving foe and ally make an appearance in this huge tome. (Though I did miss Billy and the wolves.) For long-time fans, it's the equivalent of one of those Marvel or DC mini-series extravagansas. Except more interesting.

Honestly, the only thing that gave me pause was the whole "secret baby" angle. When I first heard the summary, I thought, "Really, Jim, really? That's so '80's Harlequin." But he handles it well, and there's no happy Dresden family at the end. Let's hope Maggie never finds out what Daddy did to Mommy because (a) we're talking expensive therapy and/or (b) a major smackdown if Maggie has even half the power of Daddy or Great-Grandpa (aka Sir).

The Ebenezer thing. Saw that one coming for some time. Thank god the Blackstaff is finally out of the family closet.

But as for other family secrets. . . anyone else besides me think there's more of a connection between Odin and Dresden than the Grey Council? Why else would the All-Father show up in a battle with stupid, overconfident vampires?

Jim Butcher, do NOT EVER AGAIN give me a heart attack about Butters! Glad to know our favorite polka-playing morgue nerd learned a few things hanging out with Harry and Murphy.

Best thing of the book? Murphy finally, FINALLY takes up Fidelacchius (even if she claims it's a temporary gig). And does a damn fine job of swinging the holy blade.

And finally, I don't have a problem with cliff hangers. But waiting until next year? Aaagghh!

I think it's Gentleman Johnnie Marcone now that Harry's proven himself by taking down the entire Red Court. Harry has repeatedly said Marcone's next when Chicago's mob boss reaches the top of the food chain. DH thinks it's Rudolph for Harry destroying the corrupt cop's sugar daddies and mommies.

So, I want to hear your opinions. Who's the hitter at the end of the book and what's the motive?

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